¿Descargas de archivos .reg del sitio web como MP3 en Internet Explorer?

I have a custom .reg file, which is used to apply registry adjustments. Making it a download is causing Internet Explorer ad FireFox to treat it as a media file, or download it as an MP3?

¿Alguien ha visto esto antes?

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no.. you are downloading from your site..?? i mean you have developed your own downloading sample or its an external published site?? may be they have something wrong with header content type.. -

Its a downloadable file from the site yes, but its being renamed. I know its to do with MINE types, but I want to prevent this from happening. -

from client side you can not change the header of response... including MINE types.. so i think its not possible to play with the header of response you are getting on download file action. -

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Figured it out. Needed to add MIME type support to my Apache Web Server:

Usando la siguiente configuración:

AddType text/plain .reg

respondido 04 mar '14, 14:03

I changed .htaccess to:

AddType text/text .reg

It did the trick for Firefox and IE. In IE I didn't even have to download the file. Clicking it sent it directly to the registry (after ample warnings). When I changed it to text/plain it appended .txt en Firefox.

Respondido el 11 de diciembre de 15 a las 10:12

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