¿Cómo verificar si el usuario está en un grupo con soporte 'o algo más' en la plantilla de django?

For now I used ifuseringroup tag but now I need to add exception for users with specific permission so I need something like this (pseudocode)

{% ifuseringroup 'masters' or perms.app_label.can_see_this %}

Anyone knows a group checking tag that will accept or and then standard django if tag expression? Or can help me using other approach?

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Yo iria con this template filter:

{% if user|in_group:'masters' or perms.app_label.can_see_this %}
{% endif %}

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If you are looking to check for permissions in templates, the following code would suffice:

{% if perms.app_label.can_do_something %}
<form here>
{% endif %}

Where model refers to the model that the user need permissions to see the form for.

Consulte https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.6/topics/auth/default/#permissions para mas ejemplos

The currently logged-in user's permissions are stored in the template variable {{ perms }}

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I know that . Im looking for the way to check if user is in group or <any else template if statement returns true> like: if user is in group biggroup or his name is marta. Or: if user is in group smallgroup or perms.appllabel.canseethis. if you got the idea how to better rephrase the question fell free to suggest that. - Señor_JABA

I'm already usig it but it's not supporting or statement. Or maybe I'm wrong - how would you use it to check if user is in group "superg" OR his first_name is "marta"? - Señor_JABA

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