Asignaciones de Sass y sintaxis con sangría

Is there a way to indent Sass' 3.3 mapeos?

In scss we can write following:

$colors: (
  header: #b06,
  text: #334,
  footer: #666777

But in Sass I cannot add any break into parentheses. I think that parentheses is required into mappings syntax.

    header: #b06
    text: #334
    footer: #666777

Syntax error: Illegal nesting: Nothing may be nested beneath variable declarations.

I tried some variances and nothing was compiled without errors.

To compile Sass I need to write it into one string like this:

$colors: (header: #b06, text: #334, footer: #666777)

But it is not indented syntax.

I think that will be a good walkthrough to write indented-only things into SCSS file and then import them.

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There is number of issues with the indented syntax in SASS.

Desafortunadamente, SASS syntax doesn't support Multi-line. Reading the documentation, there is only one exception, when it comes to multiple CO selectors like in this example:

.users #userTab,
.posts #postTab
    width: 100px
    height: 30px

Read the complete documentation here:

So, there is no possibility to get multi-line support for an argument list in SASS.

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This is a known issue and will not be addressed any time soon.

This is definitely something I'd like to add, but it would take a considerable amount of effort due to the refactoring of the indented syntax that would be required. Right now that's just lower priority than adding features that benefit everyone.

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