Problema de formato de tiempo de PHP

PHP time format generate different results when spaces included

 date('h:i A',strtotime('05:45 AM')); //05:45AM
 date('h:i A',strtotime('05 : 45 AM')); // 01:00 AM

Aquí está la resultado

Spaces works in older version of PHP and it is failing in PHP Version above 5.0.5; I wanted to check why this is not allowed with new version

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Spaces are not valid in time formats so if you use them you should expect incorrect results. -

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You could however strip out the spaces and luego parse the time using strtotime(). -

because it is not valid time for PHP.It will always show the same time 01:00 AM whatever you enter with space -

I noted different results showing in time.I wanted confirm this is not a bug in newer version -

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As stated in the comments, its not a valid time format with the spaces.

Check this resource for strtotime:

And also check this page for date/time formats:

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