Función no coincidente para llamar a "strcmd" con CCB cocos2d-x

I got a error, I don't know why?

cocos2d::SEL_MenuHandler StartScene::onResolveCCBCCMenuItemSelector(CCObject * pTarget, cocos2d::CCString * pSelectorName)
CCB_SELECTORRESOLVER_CCMENUITEM_GLUE(this, "gotoPlay", StartScene::gotoPlay);

return NULL;

Error at CCB_SELECTOR...: Not matching function for call to "strcmd".

I use the right macro CCB_SELECTOR..., all params are ok.

Can I get any help. Many thanks.

preguntado el 24 de mayo de 14 a las 14:05

Changed tag from spritebuilder to cocosbuilder considering that SB has no cocos2d-x support at the moment. -

really ? I search cocosbuilder, all redirect to spritebuilder. Is spritebuilder a upgrade of cocosbuilder ? -

Spritebuilder is a fork of CocosBuilder that works only with cocos2d-iphone v3 at the moment. SB is maintained by Apportable. CocosBuilder is no longer maintained. Maybe its development was picked up by the cocos2d-x devs, I'm not sure. But at this time SB is for cocos2d-iphone, CB is for cocos2d-x and cocos2d-iphone v2.x. -

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