Problemas con dispositivos Nexus, ADB y OS X

I got my new Macbook a few days ago and I've been struggling with this problems since then. I cannot connect to my Nexus 5 and Nexus 10 to deploy my apps.

If I type adb devices into command line I can see the device serial number but it says it's offline. I didn't get any dialog on Android devices to confirm debugging authorisation and USB debugging is enabled.

I tried to reboot Macbook and Nexus devices, tried running "android update adb", "adb kill-server" I also tried with different USB cables and tried both USB ports. I played with adb_usb.ini and tried both, PTP and MTP mode.

LG Optimus 4X HD works for some reason without a problem.

Both devices are update to KitKat and Macbook to OS X Mavericks.

Did anyone else had to deal with the same or similar problem? Does anyone have any suggestions?

Muchas Gracias

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What does it do when you type adb shell ? -

(1) Do you have USB debugging enabled on the devices? I'm asking, because you didn't say that you did, and nobody else asked. Ok, if you've done that, (2) make sure the device is on y screen unlocked when you plug in the USB cable. The debugging authorization screen only comes up when the screen is unlocked for obvious reasons. -

Have you updated your sdk and platform-tools to the latest? -

Mine's 1.0.31. What's the platform tools version in SDK manager? (19.0.2 here). -

Uninstall (uncheck) and re-install platform tools... or search your drive to see if you have multiple copies of the SDK. -

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