El script de Shell se valida en línea, no funciona en Travis CI (token fi inesperado)

I have the following shell script that gets validated online, but fails on Travis CI:

if [ "$TRAVIS_PULL_REQUEST" == "false" ]; then
if [ "$TRAVIS_BRANCH" == "master" ]; then

  # define some variables

  # get info about all releases
  echo -e "Getting info about previous releases"
  curl -X GET -H "Authorization: token ${GH_TOKEN}" \
       "https://api.github.com/repos/${GH_USER}/${GH_REPO}/releases" > json.txt

  # extract info only about only "latest-release" tag
  cat json.txt |jq 'map(select (.tag_name == "latest-master"))' > latest.txt

  # get id of release
  ID_TO_DELETE=`cat latest.txt |jq '.[0].id'`

  # delete previous release
  echo -e "Deleting release number ${ID_TO_DELETE}"
  curl -X DELETE -H "Authorization: token ${GH_TOKEN}" \

  # delete previous tag
  curl -X DELETE -H "Authorization: token ${GH_TOKEN}" \

  echo -e "Creating a release\n"
  curl -X POST -H "Authorization: token ${GH_TOKEN}" \
      -d '{"tag_name": "latest-master", "target_commitish": "master", "name": "master-${TRAVIS_BUILD_NUMBER}", "body": "Automatic release based on latest commit to master branch generated by Travis CI.", "draft": false, "prerelease": true}' "https://api.github.com/repos/${GH_USER}/${GH_REPO}/releases" > json.txt
  IDDI=`cat json.txt | jq '.id'`

  echo -e "Uploading JAR\n"
  curl -X POST -H "Authorization: token ${GH_TOKEN}" \
     -H "Accept: application/vnd.github.manifold-preview" \
     -H "Content-Type: application/java-archive" \
     --data-binary /home/travis/build/{$GH_USER}/{$GH_REPO}/target/TCG-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar \

  echo -e "Done uploading\n"


Falla con:

./upload_binaries.sh: line 44: syntax error near unexpected token `fi'
./upload_binaries.sh: line 44: `fi'

However to my knowledge this should not be unexpected. Unfortunately I am not too experienced with shell, can it be that older versions required a different syntax?

Line 44 is the very last line of the script, the one containing the last fi.

Moreover, all variables that are not defined in this script, are being defined in some other way by the Travis CI.

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Intenta reemplazar --data-binary /home/travis/build/{$GH_USER}/{$GH_REPO}/target/TCG-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar \ --data-binary "/home/travis/build/{$GH_USER}/{$GH_REPO}/target/TCG-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar" \ -

Also, it should ${GH_USER} no {$GH_USER}. Lo mismo con {$GH_REPO}. -

Eso es mucho inútil cats -

Does your script lack a proper línea shebang? -

I have used another existing script as a huge inspiration source and that one (judging by the github releases) seems to be working properly there. I'll incorporate all changes suggested here though. -

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Intente . equal sign for test.

if [ "$TRAVIS_PULL_REQUEST" = "false" ]; then
if [ "$TRAVIS_BRANCH" = "master" ]; then

On man page for test we can read:

 string1 = string2           True if the strings string1 and string2 are identical.

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