Eliminar QMGR asociado con una instalación diferente (exitvalue=62)

Instalé un WAS MQ 7.0 on linux then create some QMGRs there. After a while I decide to use WAS MQ 7.5 for security reasons. Then I unistall version 7.0 and install version 7.5. In 7.5 I want to delete all QMGRs that I created in version 7.0, So I try to delete those QMGR but I face to this error:

Queue manager 'X' is associated with a different 
installation ('installation0') exitvalue=62

How can I delete this queue manager?

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Associate MQ v7.0 queue managers to MQ v7.5 using setmqm command and then delete.

SETMQM -m <qm> -n <mqv75 installation name>

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When I run this, I get: AMQ5687: setmqm is not executing from installation 'Installation0'. Any ideas why? - jessewolfe

It appears that you have multiple MQ installations. You have to run the setmqm command from the installation to which you want to associate a queue manager. Basically in a command shell, change directory to the /bin directory of the installation and then run the setmqm command. - Shashi

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