Enlace dinámico de C# XAML a la base de datos durante la operación de la base de datos

In my code behind I have bound my ListBox's ItemsSource to an ObservableCollection and I am able to retrieve and view all the items as desired.

The problem comes in when I try to add a new item to the database. The view doesnt get updated until unless I explicitly set the ItemsSource again which makes sense since when the data was bound, it was bound to the old data set in the database.

Is there a way I can avoid setting the ItemsSource explicitly or adding an item to the list explicitly?

I am trying to achieve this just by a mere insert into the database!



public event PropertyChangedEventHandler PropertyChanged;
public ObservableCollection<DBList> itemList = new ObservableCollection<DBList>(dbConn.Table<DBList>().ToList().Where(c1 => c1.ID != null && !c1.value));
public ObservableCollection<DBList> ItemList
    get{return this.itemList;}
    set{this.itemList = value;}

DBListBox.ItemsSource = ItemList;

//Method in which I add item to database
private void AddToList(object sender, System.Windows.Input.GestureEventArgs e)
     InsertToDatabase("abc","xyz"); //Code Inserts a new item in database

     //Method 1: The view is updated in this case when I add item to the List
     Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(() =>
          ItemList.Add(new DBList() { Id="abc" , value="xyz"});

     //Method 2: The view is updated in this case when I explicitly set the ItemsSouce to a fresh list from the Database
     DBListBox.ItemsSource = new ObservableCollection<DBList>(dbConn.Table<DBList>().ToList().Where(c1 => c1.ID != null && !c1.value));

private void InsertToDatabase(string id, string value)
       DBList cTemp = new DBList(){Id = id, value = value};                

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Are you using the wrong NotifyPropertyChanged? Shouldn't call Lista de articulos instead of ChatList? -

@Smartis I'm sorry it was a typo. It is indeed ItemList that is being called. The two methods above work fine. I am trying a way in which I can avoid doing this. Just an insert into the table must update the view -

Can you share the code of InsertToDatabase? -

@DanPuzey Edited the Question with the InsertToDatabase Código

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