no se puede ejecutar el comando window.document.execCommand("pegar") entre paréntesis

I wrote a plugin in brackets in which I want to copy text from the text box and paste in the current opened document .


if I use keyboard command+v its working, I am able to paste the text which is copied by the above dom command.

But the same result I'm not able to get by window.document.execCommand("paste"), even though I tried this CommandManager.execute(Commands.EDIT_PASTE)

usted me podría ayudar por favor.

Regards Ashish.

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Those commands won't work because Brackets runs in a Chromium webview, and Chromium doesn't permit normal content to access the clipboard programmatically - as a security measure. In Brackets the security rationale isn't really relevant, but someone would need to patch brackets-shell to disable the restriction, and that work hasn't happened yet.

But there's a workaround: Brackets extensions have access to NodeJS, so you can use a Node package like copiar pegar to access the clipboard. Check out the source of the extensions Right Click Extended or File Info to Clipboard por ejemplo.

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