GWT: ¿Cómo eliminar el elemento de su exterior?

Tengo una Comercial widget as

<td class="GAS3MDBHJ">
  <div class="GAS3MDBJJ">
    <a class="gwt-Anchor" href="#export">Export</a>

I would like to remove this anchor element from it's root. How can I achieve it.

Si uso widget.getParentElement() , I need to write as ...


Now it is in third level.If my widget is in level 7 or 8 or 9 , am I need to write getParentElement() repeatedly ? Has there anyway for fast code ?

I don't want to get it's parent element, I really want to get was outermost element.

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I want to remove my widget from td etiqueta. -

The outermost parent would return <html> right? So what exactly do you wanna achieve? Removing the anchor as well as all its ancestors excluding the <td> element? -

Where is the issue in simply calling anchor.removeFromParent();? It works perfectly. -

@z00bs yes! you are right. I thought stupid thing. As you said "the outermost parent was <html>". -

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Deberías simplemente llamar


It will remove the entire anchor element with all of its inner HTML. The result will be exactly the same if you call


because anchor.getElement() will give you the outer most element of this widget, just as you wanted.

If you start calling getParentElement(), you will remove more than your anchor widget.

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