Extraiga solo los archivos que han cambiado, para una compilación

When we do a build to Production or UAT, we never push all the files in the repo to the environment. We only push the files that have changed. Those files could be a set of 15 out of 3,000, for example and exist anywhere in the directory structure.

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If your execution environment has git, you could consider:

Both the push and the checkout would only consider a delta and not todos Los archivos.

Ver por ejemplo:

The other solution, without git on the server, is some kind of rsync.

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I'll look into rsync. Help me understand the other suggestion. I'm not very familiar with bare repos and hooks yet, So I'd have a copy of the repo (bare) in that environment. Then, whenever a commit happens at the central repo, that would result in those changes being pushed down to the bare repo because of the hook? Is that right? We're planning on only commiting to the Prod and UAT branches when a deployment also needs to happen (Prod = master) - SERVANT14

@MASTERT I have added links which illustrates the process. stackoverflow.com/a/23510268/6309 e stackoverflow.com/a/23510268/6309 both take into account the branch on which you are pushing. - VonC

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