Obtener campos nulos en Crystal Reports

I have a customer name with first name, last name, middle name. I want to concatenate these fields. When I concatenate these fields I am getting some of the fields as null cause as it contains at least one null value field. I have tried with this formula.


Ex: I have first name, last name but middle name is null then I am getting entire field as null. Please help me how to resolve this.

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looks like you're looking for something like this comunidad.spiceworks.com/topic/… -

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You'll probably want to wrap each field with a formula to adjust for nulls:

If Isnull({table.FIRST_NAME}) Then "" Else {table.FIRST_NAME}

Then create a formula to concatenate them

{@FIRST_NAME} + "," + {@MIDDLE_NAME} + "," + {@LAST_NAME}

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