¿Podemos duplicar los títulos de los portlets OOTB de Liferay?

I am talking about the Add menu which appears for admins on the left hand side.

The requirement is that we want Liferay's portlet say, Blogs portlet to appear not only in the Collaboration category but also in a custom category say, Test Portlets con un nombre diferente como Test Blogs.

Also when the User adds the portlet Test Blogs then the title of the portlet on the page should also be Test Blogs.

¿Es esto posible?

Why I want to do this? Because we are using Application Adapters to customize some of Liferay's OOTB portlets and we want a different name for them in few sites.

It will be fine even if the portlet can be moved to a separate category with different name in few sites.

Thanks for any help in this direction.

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AFAIK there isn't any provision readily available, you may override portal-web\docroot\html\portlet\layout_configuration\view_category.jsp , in order to achieve this requirement. -

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