¿Cómo puedo ordenar por última fila de actualización?

I have one Sql Query to get all the informations from my table.

I created an list using an foreach.

And i want to order this list, by the last updated row.

Como este

       $query - "SELECT * FROM table ORDER BY last_updated_row";
//call Query here

And when i updated a certain row, i want to put this row on the top of the list

I heard about time_stamp, can i use time_stamp for that?

¿Cómo puedo hacer eso?

Muchas Gracias

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Assuming your using MySQL your table needs to be like this


That will give the row a create time stamp and update it on each update statement which effects the row


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You can use just about any date/datetime/timestamp column in a table to sort by if needed. The only catch is you need to actually tienen it in the table.

Any of the above will allow sorts by ascending/descending order, but need to be maintained when inserting/updating a row.

Assuming you have the following structure:

table - someTable
id    someVale    updateTime
1       54634       ......
2       65138       ......
3       94141       ......
4       84351       ......

It doesn't matter what type of column updateTime is - whether it is a date, a datetime, a timestamp, a simple order by updateTime trabajará.

But you need to make sure that each insert/update you make to that row updates the column so that the sort will be true.

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