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Is it possible to setup IDEA to be able to quick insert // TODO lines? For example keybinding or code completion pattern? I didn't find anything.

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Have you tried to use live templates for this? -

No I haven't. Reading about it now. Thank you for the tip. -

@SimY4 ahhh, it's perfect, thank you again. Create an answer if you wish. I'll accept it and vote up. -

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Check out Live Templates feature of IntellyJ. I hope it'll satisfy your needs.

Aquí hay un enlace a tutorial de vídeo on how to create one.

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Since 1.3 Android Studio ships with a set of live templates. One of which does exactly what you want.

In order to activate it, simply type todo followed by a tab. Also works with fixme y stopship.

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Yeah, doing it for a year now - Dmitri Ryadnenko

as of v2020.3, for me it worked with typing st + pressing tab - akabelle

Live Template fixed my problem. I wanted to add a custom todo comment in intellij with my initials and date so i did this:

// TODO: $date$ [name] $todo$

click here to see image

click here to see image

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