Detectar la compatibilidad del navegador con imágenes GIF animadas

Some mobile browsers do not support animated GIF images.

Is it possible to run some JavaScript/jQuery function that would detect if the browser supports animation GIFs or not?

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You can use Modernizr. -

Other than checking for specific devices, there's no way to know if the browser supports animated GIFs. @AliGajani Can you point out documentation showing that Modernizr can detect this? -

In Firefox you can set image.animation_mode to disable GIF animations, I doubt Modernizr will detect that -

What about dectect if gif is animated ? -

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There is no script that will determine if the browser can render animated GIF's. What you will need to do is run a user agent check to determine the browser type and version, and then you could check that against a list of animated gif supporting browsers.

A quick googling doesn't turn up an exact listing, but you should be able to determine this pretty easily. It might be easier to compile a list of browsers that do NOT support them. Non-graphical browsers like lynx, older browsers and some mobile browsers..

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