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I am currently attempting to build an application using Jain-Sip and am having difficulty implementing a feature which will re-subscribe to the contacts I wish to continue receiving presence updates from. I am currently attempting to do this using dialogs, as in the following guide:

I am wanting to do this for various contacts, so I have maintained an array of dialogs which I can hopefully use when dealing with the various contacts. The problem is, I receive an exception which says as follows:

javax.sip.SipException: Dialog (dialog) not yet established or terminated Terminated Dialog

If you could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful, Adam

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You should attach post debug logs to see what is going on. Typically it will be obvious why a dialog is terminated - either a timeout, manual delete or error from somewhere.

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Thank you for getting in touch with me Vladimir, not sure if you saw my previous message to you, regarding the issue I was having with subscription duration. I managed to get a better debug log. - user3279210

Also is it actually possible to SUBSCRIBE to multiple people and then keep a copy of the dialog, than refer to the stored dialog later, when wanting to refresh the subscription. Sorry about all these questions, is it actually essential to have the request used to refresh the subscription in a dialog? - user3279210

I can't find the logs in any message? As far as JAIN SIP goes, yes, it's possible to subscribe to multiple people, it depends on the other party if you will be allowed though. Sometimes you can subscribe in bulk with a presence server. You need to see which RFCs you are implementing. - vladimir ralev

Sorry, I should have given a link to it. Here it is: . Thanks, I'm looking at RFCs 3261 and 3265. Specifically I'm trying to implement this "If the subscriber wishes to re-subscribe to the state, he does so by composing an unrelated initial SUBSCRIBE request with a freshly-generated Call-ID and a new, unique "From" tag (see section" to include re-subscription functionality. My problem is that I receive the following error when trying to re-subscribe to a person using the dialog from the first time subscribing. "Dialog not yet established or terminated Terminated Dialog" - user3279210

This is the log I was talking about: - user3279210

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