¿Cómo obtener la altura máxima de pantalla disponible en java script?

document/window outerHeight provides the size of the window (e.g when the browser windows is re-sized the value changes ).

screen.availHeight gives you the actual screen size (including the actual browser navigation etc)

I tried creating a fixed div set with top:0,buttom:0 y obtener el outerHeight but it's also restricted to the window's current size.

What is the best way to get the max available height when the window is maximized ?



The answer, provided with the help of @Greg Burghardt is

screen.availHeight - (window.outerHeight - window.innerHeight)

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Couldn't you just set the div's height and width to 100%? -

@Juhana I'm using a control that requires explicit height. -

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Una buena referencia: A Tale of Two Viewports

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