Plataforma ios ya instalada

I'm tryin' to debug my app on iOS simulator in my Mac.

I've followed all the instructions installing on my Mac:

sudo npm install -g vs-mda-remote

sudo npm install -g ios-sim

When I prompted

vs-mda-remote --buildDir Projects

(Projects is the folder where debug files will be droped), I see results in my PC by


With the following text

Remote build Express server open for business on port 3000

Ok, now I prompted

vs-mda-remote test

And I see an error with the following message

Failed to build app: CordovaError: Platform ios already added

No sé que pasa.

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.@Shanty - Any chance you could pipe output to a file and share it? Use the command: vs-mda-remote –buildDir Projects > builds.log 2>&1 -

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Ok, I found the problem. Maybe, I'm too eagier.

Instead of using one session in terminal app on mac, I used too many, so, when I prompted too many timesvs-mda-remote, obviously ios was already installed.

So, opening terminal at first time, and prompting

vs-mda-remote --buildDir Projects --allowsEmulate=true

Now, I can debug on iOS simulator from my PC to Mac.

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Didnt need to run this command in my case. Just closed all the terminal windows but one. Tried again and success! Thanks - Mago

While running the build agent, the correct command is:

vs-mda-remote --buildDir <server-build-directory> --allowsEmulate=true

Note the last "--allowsEmulate=true" part of the command.

*Taken from "Setting up the Remote Agent to Support Starting the iOS Simulator" section in the documentación.

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Plataforma ios ya instalada

Received this error for running in device too, while running multiple instance in mac. Quit Terminal and run single instance for vs-mda-remote to resolve this problem if you receive this error for running in Device.

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