Querydsl para unión interna de la misma tabla

SQL solution for this link is very interesting.. Date difference between two records in same table

Can anybody help me to construct Querydsl for same query..??

JPQLQuery query = new JPAQuery(entityManager);

Lets assume we havehas

QJobLogBean qjb = QJobLogBean.jobLogBean;

Gracias de antemano.

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You could use two from arguments

QJobLogBean qjb1 = new QJobLogBean("qjb1");
QJobLogBean qjb2 = new QJobLogBean("qjb2");
JPQLQuery query = new JPAQuery(entityManager);
query.from(qjb1, qjb2)...

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I tried this inner join of same table, but unfortunately it doesnt give me desired output. - Sreedhar GS

What exactly did you try and how did the SQL look like? - Timo Westkämper

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