¿Cómo se recarga mediante programación una tabla de datos jquery?

I have a jquery datatable on a page that I want to reload after a user action. Also, I do not set the ajax parameter on my datatable because the url is always changing and I need to process the JSON data a bit after I get it.

Here is my code to initially set the datatable.

$.getJSON(uri, function (people) {
        // ... code removed for brevity ...
            "data": people,
            "columns": [{
                "data": "id",
                "title": "Id"
            }, {
                "data": "full_name",
                "title": "Name"
            }, {
                "data": "phone",
                "title": "Home Phone"
            }, {
                "data": "cell_phone",
                "title": "Mobile"
            }, {
                "data": "email",
                "title": "Email"

How do I reload the table after a user action (like a button click)?

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Así es como lo haces.

(I would recommend only doing this if you must pre-process the JSON data before setting it into the datatable. If you can use the datatable ajax parameter, that is preferable.)

        $.getJSON(uri, function(people) {
        // ... code removed for brevity ...
        if (if ($.fn.DataTable.isDataTable("#people-table"))) {
            var api = $("#people-table").dataTable().api();
            people.forEach(function(row, idx) {
        } else {

                "data": people,
                "columns": [
                { "data": "id", "title": "Id" },
                { "data": "full_name", "title": "Name" },
                { "data": "phone", "title": "Home Phone" },
                { "data": "cell_phone", "title": "Mobile" },
                { "data": "email", "title": "Email" }

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Aaaaand I'm about to refactor this code and rip it all out. I can use the datatables ajax setting after all. I can use the columnDefs to do my data manipulation. And I can use ajax.url() to change the URI. Money! Less is More! - Cadena

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