Capistrano ignora un archivo en /bin

After setup Delayed_job in development, here is the file delayed_job in /bin directory. When I deploy project to server, the file delayed_job just disappears.

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Does your .gitignore file have a rule to ignore the bin folder? I.e. is the file not under revision control? -

Yes, I've checked this possibilities. Now, I found that the /bin folder is a link to shared/bin folder on server. Does this do something I don't know for in situation. -

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Since you've found that the bin folder is sym-linked to a shared/bin folder (on deploy?) you'd need to scp your delayed_job executable into the shared/bin folder on server at this point. Or you may be able to do this on deploy just before the point in the cap deploy files where the symbolic link is made. Or perhaps just do it once now (and again in the future as needed) and then add the bin folder to your .gitignore. In fact I'd recommend this latter approach in case you start using spring with binstubs in development (as you wouldn't want these special executables being copied up to your server for production mode).

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Yeah, I should add it to .gitignore. - colmena

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