Firefox y el error de recarga de la página ydn.db

ydn.db-isw-core-e-cur-qry-dev-raw.js v1.0.2 crashed at the string 28537

In logs I read:

request = index.openKeyCursor(key_range, this.dir);

It crashed in latest Firefox, but works with other browsers. I can't find the reason of this error. Sometimes, when I try to debug it by stepping into function, it works without crashing.

What is causing this bug?

So, when I try to call history.replaceState() in callback of db.put() it causes a page reload. Why? How can I prevent that?

preguntado el 28 de mayo de 14 a las 14:05

Could you file the issue on github? -

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See debug log by ydn.debug.log ('ydn.db', 'finest')

contestado el 29 de mayo de 14 a las 06:05

So... I didn't find any reason, but placing history.replaceState() in setTimeout() make it work in FireFox. Maybe there are some problems with context... but it works in other browsers. So, I think that it is very strange bug of firefox.

contestado el 29 de mayo de 14 a las 07:05

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