cómo deshabilitar el menú contextual de flashcanvas

I'm using FlashCanvas (flashlienzo) instead of excanvas.js library to draw Flot chart in IE7/8 versions. I'm able to view the charts successfully but not able to disable the right click (context menu) option. As mentioned in their Documention section under configuration falsh canvas configuration documentation im having below code at the bottom of the page, but still contextMenu is coming up when i'm right-clicking. what is the mistake im doing here

if (typeof FlashCanvas != "undefined") {
        disableContextMenu: true

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Are you using the free or pro version of FlashCanvas? The FlashCanvas Configuration Documentation states "You can configure FlashCanvas Pro...", and esta publicación del grupo de google states "Currently, only FlashCanvas Pro users can configure the options..." -

@prmech thanks for the reply, im using free version.. may be thats the reason -

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