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Is any way to not generates warrnings from undocumented function/method that is located in source file ( .c ) . I have all comments in header file and do not want to duplicate it. I do not want to switch off documenting source code but only comments for method in this file.

Gracias de antemano por cualquier sugerencia.

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I can think of two approaches you could take, both by changing config options in your Doxyfile:

  1. Si configura WARN_IF_UNDOCUMENTED to False (it defaults to True), doxygen won't complain about any function or method which is undocumented. (You might not want to do that though, as the warnings can be a helpful way to check you've documented all your methods and functions.)
  2. Set your config to include or exclude files based on their suffix. For example: if the methods and functions which are causing problems all have a .c suffix, you can set EXCLUDE_PATTERNS a *.c to ignore all .c files.

The doxygen documentación de configuración is pretty comprehensive, and you may find another approach in there which suits better.

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I was considering this solution but . in c file I have comments about authors,group ( module ) etc. - Radek

So maybe WARN_IF_UNDOCUMENTED = False would be the way to go? You could also look at suppressing warnings wholesale using WARNINGS = NO, though it is something of a large hammer... - morric

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