aplicar múltiples seleccionados verdaderos a la opción jquery

<select id="testd" name="testd[]" multiple="" style="min-height: 100px;">
    <option value="16">test1</option>
    <option value="21">test2</option>
    <option value="27">test3</option>
    <option value="24">test4</option>

how to apply seleted true to multiple option , example 16,24 , want to apply seleted true to option

Lo intenté

var optionsToSelect = ['16,24'];
              var select = document.getElementById( 'testd' );

              for ( var i = 0, l = select.options.length, o; i < l; i++ )
                o = select.options[i];
                if ( optionsToSelect.indexOf( o.value ) != -1 )
                  o.selected = true;

not working perfectly , it will selects all the four options

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As you have tagged your question with jQuery. Simple $("#testd").val(['16','24']); will do the job for you. Just note: tag your questions properly -

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Cambiar y guardar

var optionsToSelect = ['16,24'];


var optionsToSelect = ['16','24'];

This is how to define an array of strings. Else your code works fine.

Demo de trabajo

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Sencillo $("#testd").val(['16','24']); will do. I have modified @Alek example for demo codepen.io/anon/pen/whlkE - Satpal

@Satpal , that looks great, but i think OP is not using jQuery, though the tag exists. - Shaunak D.

El problema es que optionsToSelect is not proper, you need to store the different ids in separate indexes in the array

Since you are using jQuery try

var optionsToSelect = [16, 24];
$('#testd option').filter(function () {
    return $.indexOf(+this.value, optionsToSelect) >= 0
}).prop('selected', true)

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Prueba esto:

var selValues="16,24";
$.each(selValues.split(","), function(i,e){
    $("#testd option[value='" + e + "']").prop("selected", true);


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