¿La marquesina depende de la longitud del texto?

He establecido un textView a ser un marquee, esta textView gets assigned to values dynamically during the run-time and its value could be sometime a single character or a long sequence of characters. What I realized is, some times the marquee works and sometimes do not.

Es el marquee a length-dependent? if yes, how can I change the restriction or the limitation to a specific character length?


I forgot to mention that the textView is always selected to have the focus.

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It works only when the TextView is selected. Have you checked that? -

it is selected, though surprisingly, sometime work and sometimes dont -

It is lenght-dependent in the sense that it only starts when the text is longer than the available space. So when you have 1 char it won't start, but if you have 100 chars and only 50 available spaces it will start. Also, keep in mind that it only works on single line textview. -

@DavidCorsalini thank you, i have just referred to this question stackoverflow.com/questions/9549434/… and it is exactly what you suggested -

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