hacer zoom en el gráfico de barras apiladas

I have plotted a stacked bar chart using Google charts API as shown below. As you might notice, the values at the top of the bars are highly unreadable. Is there a way that I can zoom in to see the smaller values clearly?

I see the option explorer for area chart but thats not in this kind of chart.

How do I make this chart more readable?

enter image description here

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Quizás esto ayudaría: groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/google-visualization-api/… . It's not really what you asked -

It didnt really help :( -

You can set up a function to change the vAxis.viewWindow.min e vAxis.viewWindow.max options and redraw the chart. That would create a vertical zoom effect. If your x-axis is a "date" type, you can do something similar, or use a GráficoRangoFiltro to pan and zoom the x-axis. -

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