Agregar hora de finalización para la vista semanal y diaria de FullCalendar

I am using FullCalendar v2 now and I found it is quite useful. However, I have encountered a problem when I want to show the end time of an event.

I want to show both start time and end time within a day in week and daily view like "09:00-17:00". I have found a solution in Mostrar la hora de finalización solo en la vista de semana del calendario completo but it seems a v1 version. I use this in v2 and failed.

How can I show both start time and end time within a day?

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I found that this answer worked for me:

In FullCalendar >= 2.0.1, there is a setting called displayEventEnd.


Whether or not to display an event's end time text when it is rendered on the calendar.


displayEventEnd: {
    month: false,
    basicWeek: true,
    "default": true

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La respuesta aqui: Falta la hora de finalización del evento Fullcalendar works for version 1.6.1. However, the formatDates function has been replaced by formatRange in v2. So, use

eventAfterRender: function(event, $el, view) {
        var formattedTime = $.fullCalendar.formatRange(event.start, event.end, "HH:mm");
        // If FullCalendar has removed the title div, then add the title to the time div like FullCalendar would do
        if($el.find(".fc-event-title").length === 0) {
            $el.find(".fc-event-time").text(formattedTime + " - " + event.title);
        else {

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Thanks! I am stuck by this replaced function and this help me! - LittPi

No need for such a convuluted answer as the one above. I had the same issue and I fixed it by simply configure the fullcalendar properties as so:

timeFormat: {
            month: "HH:mm",
            week: "HH:mm",
            day: "HH:mm"

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