Espacio vacío en la barra de estado de iOS 7

I have an issue where a white space is being created where I think my app thinks it needs a status bar.

Tengo un UIViewController, embedded in that is a UITabBarController. The UITabBarController then just displays UIViewControllers como normal.

When the app first loads (iPad iOS 7), everything works as expected, only inside that UITabBarController, la UIViewController (displayed by the UITabBarController) is offset downwards by 20 pixels. The space for a UIStatusBar.

When I say offset, the UIViewController doesn't fall off the bottom of the screen, it just gets shorter to add that 20 pixel space.

This started happening after I enabled the status bar in my Info.plist View controller-based status bar appearance = YES.

The app only does this when it initially loads. After I change the tab to show a different UIViewController, the space disappears.

Any ideas why this is happening and how I can stop this? Thanks.

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its not white space. its white color status bar. you should change the status bar color -

I'm afraid not. My status bar is displayed perfectly well at the top of my view controller. However, inside this I have embedded a UITabBarController, it is this embedded view which is adding the extra space. So it is genuinely just a white space, where it thinks it needs a status bar but isn't one. -

can u plz attach screenshot ? -

Here is a screenshot trying to explain: -

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I can't comment yet, but wasn't there a warning, when you tried to place a tabbarController inside of a navigationController? Last time I tried this, XCode threw some warnings regarding the order.

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Nope, no warnings of any kind. I haven't had any issues relating to the tabbarcontroller whatsoever until I just tried adding the status bar. Even now, it might not be the tabbarcontroller, I'm not sure what is causing it. - jose kahane

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