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I'm trying to create a route that looks like this{Param1}/{dbID}-{friendly-name}

and omit the default action index , and for the action edit to be at the end of the url like so{Param1}/{dbID}-{friendly-name}/edit

routes are a bit confusing for me , so any help is appreciated , Thanks!

preguntado el 13 de julio de 10 a las 08:07

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Podrías intentar así:

        controller = "home", 
        action = "index",
        param1 = "CANNOT BE OPTIONAL",
        dbID = "SOME DEFAULT ID",
        friendlyName = "SOME DEFAULT FRIENDLY NAME"

Respondido 13 Jul 10, 12:07

hm , if i request the page without the index action at the end , it doesn't load :( - Nikolá Sivkov

its also important to put the default route at the bottom and the more specific routes at the top :) - Nikolá Sivkov

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